Little pharaoh

Little pharaoh
Little pharaoh

Little pharaoh

If you want to play with funny and unique symbols, you can get it at novomatic. This time novomatic presents an Egyptian-themed game with cute and packaged symbols. The presence of this game will give an unforgettable charm so that you can play satisfied without a hitch. Its popularity can be said to be very well known by many gamers so you don’t need to hesitate to play.

Come find the king of Egypt and get the treasure. In this little pharaoh game the king you meet is a little king with a cloth wrapped around his body. The small Pharaoh who ruled Egypt well has many secrets that can make you curious. Smile and respect the little pharaoh. Take the heart of the king of the little pharaoh and you will be very liked and appreciated by the king.

Video models

Emeintl – Little Pharaoh will not just like it but will give you an important gift that is very special for you. Use real money to play little pharaoh game. Many unique symbols that can captivate your heart. Games made in the video model have a 5 x 3 reel model with egyptian symbols packed.

To get a win, you have to prepare the same symbol form or a combination of symbols in one line will get a payout value. The payout value that you can get is 5 types of payments ready to bring you big wins. To know what symbols can give you a high value, you can go to info.

king of egypt
get the king’s attention and treasure//king of egypt

Game symbol info

In the info there are many types of information that can give you victory. The wild symbol in the game little pharaoh will become your map. A map showing the way to the little pharaoh’s treasure. Its presence is very helpful and is only present on reels 2, 3, and 4 only. Wild replaces all symbols except the eye sign. The eye symbol of the god Horus will help you.

There are 2 eye colors of the god Horus that you can get. The green eye of Horus is always present on reels 1, 3, and 5. While the red eye of the god of Horus can appear anywhere. The presence of the eye of Horus will help and become a scatter. Scatter will not follow the value provisions of the game. Because the scatter can give its own value.. throughout the roll the direction value that gets the value from left to right does not apply to the eye of Horus.

Feel free to play without any problems

Other symbols listed on the little pharaoh are beetles, birds, wild [oyramid images], maps, Anubis dolls, green, red logos, objects that look like wings and many other interesting symbols with exciting winning values. Playing the little pharaoh game will be easier if you use the website. Games that cannot be downloaded can only be enjoyed on the website.

The most interesting thing for you and you don’t need to feel bored in the little pharaoh game, you can play automatic games. Little pharaoh provides automatic games so you can play freely without stopping and getting tired. Playing games doesn’t need to feel like a long game because with the autoplay method the game becomes fast.

No need to press the button just waiting for the results of the game rotation. Feeling the value of the little pharaoh bet just stops, of course you really want to try games with high or low money values, you can press pulses and minuses.